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Three links I took some trouble to find ...,8599,1991195,00.html
or Caste based honour killing,9171,904153,00.html
or Situation of pariahs not really very much better some decades after Gandhi

AND or Cobbett, on the Reformation

From which latter I quote:

§ 123. It has been represented as "unnatural" to compel men and women to live in the unmarried state, and as tending to produce propensities, to which it is hardly proper even to allude. Now, in the first place, have we heard, of late days, of any propensities of this sort? Have they made their odious appearance amongst clergymen and bishops? And, if they have, have those clergymen and bishops been Catholics, or have they been Protestants? The answer, which every one now living in England and Ireland can instantly give to these questions, disposes of this objection to vows of celibacy. In the next place, the Catholic Church compels nobody to make such vow. It only says, that it will admit no one to be a priest, monk, friar, or nun, who rejects such vow. Saint PAUL strongly recommends to all Christian teachers an unmarried life. ...

To remember there are other ruffians around today than moslems and have been other buggers than contemporary certain parts of Catholic clergy - Cobbett wrote above lines in 1825.

Sweden has an Lutheran "archbishop" (or recently had) who is gay lobby: K G Hammar. Anglican confession has similar issues.

Catholic Church had Ecumenism (with Anglicans and Lutherans) before Child molesters returning to office.

Oh, make that child or teen boy molesters.

Speaking of which, a Latvian Archbishop (successor of the one plundered by Teutonic Knights under Papacy of John XXII) had the great clarity of mind to class homosexual habits as neither normal nor in usual sense pathologic, but as acquired bad habits like alcoholism and chain smoking.

Which is strictly true.

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