lundi 3 mai 2010

I have written on Jews and their relations with others

peace plan for judea, samaria and galilea

1 one territory
2 two official languages (hivrit/arab), two occidental languages for arrivals
3 three religious states/citizenships (christian, jewish and moslem)
4 holy places are autonomous republics under condominate of the religions concerned
5 conflicts between adherents of two of the religions are arbitered by the third
6 if the concerned religions do not accept third arbitration, international arbitration intervenes
7 change of citizenship may occur because of marriage conversion or because of a conversion with religious motive
8 arabs, whether christians or moslems, are not cananeans, they are hebrews (even jemenite arabs stem from joktan, the brother of peleg and son of heber) and should be regarded as such

but will it work?

Hans G. Lundahl
note on points 3 onward: obviously none of the states is supposed to dominate the others!
November 29, 2007 at 1:32pm

Jews and Tinkers

I think Chesterton said wise things about both these peoples, who make part of my heritage, and, sympathising with both of them, I am happy to not really belong to either - and still, in a way my background is more secular zionist than gipsy, more Swedish than either. And being an Orthodox Christian is another angle on it too. Here is the link to that great author:

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  1. Note these words "And being an Orthodox Christian is another angle on it too" are from 2007 when I had given up on the papacy and concluded each local bishop is successor of St Peter. I have come back to Catholicism since.