mercredi 22 janvier 2014

Unfriending someone who is friends with people considering homeless mentally ill

Series about my FB enemies: 1) Gossip About Cyber, 2) Gríma Wormtongue has his like in real life - at least as far as his choice of viewpoint is concerned, 3) My Innocence About the Vice of Curiosity, 4) Heated Discussion on Historical Backgrounds for Schism of 1054, 5) Misquoters and Conclusion Jumpers!, 6) Guns, Homeless, Shelters, My Own Situation, 7) On Pat's Wall, by me, 8) In case someone not my FB friend even past wonders, Pat whom I unfriended is not Buchanan, 9) Answering Psychiatry Friendly Comments by one GP (friend of a friend), 10) GP tries it again - after attacking Alveda King, 11) Unfriending someone who is friends with people considering homeless mentally ill

Friend of that friend:
Many homeless people are mentally ill and some even prefer to be homeless. ... I read the memorie of a girl who was raised homeless and her parents were nuts. ... It's funny, in the end of the book "The Glass Castle" the homeless girl was able to get herself to college and had to listen to a lecture from a professor going on about the plight of the homeless and she challenged him that he was wrong. This woman was raised homeless, in the end she found out that her mother had about $1 million in property. Not all homeless are like this, but a good percentage are mentally unstable and some prefer life on the streets.
Other friend of that friend:
I once heard that nearly half of all homeless people are mentally ill. If stupid people hadn't called for the defunding of mental hospitals based on what they saw in the movies, this wouldn't be happening.
It is very much better to be homeless than to be in Mental Hospital.

The so called Statistics saying that "half the homeless are mentally ill" are made up by people observing the homeless with training acquired from the pseudo-science of psychiatry.

That means that such statistics are worthless.

What could be informative is trying to find out how many homeless are kept on the street by people CONSIDERING them as mentally ill and who have sufficient "credibility" with people to make those kinds of statistics.

I am now unfriending [that friend], not for being friends with Pat, but for being friends with other people who like to consider homeless people as mentally ill.

samedi 18 janvier 2014

Hypatia and the Library of Alexandria

1) HGL's F.B. writings : Hypatia and the Library of Alexandria, 2) New blog on the kid : A Good (or fairly so, I disagreed on two points) Summing Up of the Hypatia Affair (TOF (2) has in the main followed the same Maria Dzielska which I had myself (1) recommended.)

JU, status :

You know you’re a History fan when

You Still Get Upset Thinking
About the Library of

This next book's for Hypatia!
Carl Sagan on The Great Library of Alexandria and Hypatia
I often wonder whether any of these works might remain in Timbuktu, Baghdad, or other ancient centers of learning.
You might be interested in the film Agora, which is about Hypatia. It really brought the period to life.
When you've read Rush Revere 7 times in 3 days! Happy Birthday Rush!
Carl Sagan promoted a lie there. Get to Tim O'Neill for the truth!

Armarium Magnum : Hypatia and "Agora" Redux

"Agora" and Hypatia - Hollywood Strikes Again
I'm not sure which history represents how things tend to happen in the world.
my dear, who things "TEND" to happen and how they actually HAPPENED on a particular occasion are two very different things
Why isn't this seen as a misogynistic crime? Surely there were other teachers.
not of that particular school in that particular city, I think ...
I always thought it mysogenist-erotic to attack a woman's flesh with abalone/oyster shells. -- Might just be part of the story.
The Mongols ransacked Baghdad and destroyed all the libraries there. 'The Euphrates became black with all the burned books thrown in it'.
Not done by a religious group -- but still a great tragedy.
Have you fathomed how misogynistic she was herself? She gave an admirer tissue she had used to stop the monthly bloodflow and told him "this is what you are in love with".

As for Mongols, they were certainly secularist.

I missed the fact that Tim O'Neill had given a link to a book by Polish scholar Maria Dzielska's book:

Hypatia of Alexandria (Revealing Antiquity) by Maria Dzielska