Restoring a Christian society, fine but how?

by Hans-Georg Lundahl on Sunday, 12 December 2010 at 17:08

I do not believe boot camps are good at helping populations get decisions right. I say that because I saw a news that a pastor believed a start "that seemed totalitarian" would be a good way to make people freer and freer later on.

  • Obvious reason one: Commies believed that too.

    Nazis imply having at least once believed it by the dévise Arbeit macht frei.
  • Obvious reason two: nulla poena sine lege. No punishment without legislation.
You can make laws against unjustice, like against abortion, against taking interest (hey, the Swiss have a banking system not built on that!), like against ... making new boot camps or shutting people up in psychiatry, too. But you cannot make laws against decisions that are bad for oneself. Because any reason for applying those laws, within justice, would be in the interest of the person making a bad decision. But his interest is not having each and every bad decision stopped and revoked and punished by boot camp. Nobody has that interest. So the only possible reason turns out to be a non-reason.

I believe the only way to give back Christian freedoms is ... giving back Christian freedoms. Just as much as the obvious way to give back Christian order to society is forbidding things Christian societies forbid, the only way to giving back Christian freedoms is allowing things Christian societies allow. Not two generations from now, in a hypothetical future when progress or pedagogy has given people a supposedly better take on how to handle Christian freedoms. But right now. Possibly at same time as taking away non-Christian freedoms. Possibly even before.

A thirteen year old girl forbidden to abort when Roe vs Wade is overturned (as it should be) must be allowed then or already have been allowed to marry the child's father and quit school. It is no use at all waiting till a time when thirteen year old girls do not prefer watching Pocahontas to reading Karl Marx. That time has never been through the two thousand or three thousand or more years while thirteen year old girls have been allowed to be mothers and wives and will never ever come.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
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Sunday before Ember days Church Year MMXI
Civilly: 12/XII/2010