mercredi 15 mai 2013

Misquoters and Conclusion Jumpers!

Series about my FB enemies: 1) Gossip About Cyber, 2) Gríma Wormtongue has his like in real life - at least as far as his choice of viewpoint is concerned, 3) My Innocence About the Vice of Curiosity, 4) Heated Discussion on Historical Backgrounds for Schism of 1054, 5) Misquoters and Conclusion Jumpers!, 6) Guns, Homeless, Shelters, My Own Situation, 7) On Pat's Wall, by me, 8) In case someone not my FB friend even past wonders, Pat whom I unfriended is not Buchanan, 9) Answering Psychiatry Friendly Comments by one GP (friend of a friend), 10) GP tries it again - after attacking Alveda King, 11) Unfriending someone who is friends with people considering homeless mentally ill

invitation (sent by P.B.):
"I will rather die than commit a mortal sin." Saint Dominic Savio a teenager saint. What about you?
my decline:
I would perhaps be better off if I honestly could say that, right now I can't
Please make the right choice for the good of your Soul :)
Hans-Georg Lundahl
That might in my present situation involve committing a sin mortal in its kind in order to avoid an even worse one.
I will keep you in my Prayers. I know it may be difficult but always ask for His Grace to faithfully resist this Mortal Sin. God Bless you. Also, Pray for me.
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Excuses, I hope to avoid BOTH sins, but in the situation people are at present or were till recently putting me, this is an excessive burden. Do NOT just pray for grace for resisting of a temptation, but for a situation of ceaseless temptations to cease, totally.
P.B. in another context has a status:
"To avoid BOTH Venial and Mortal sins, one MUST NOT just Pray for Grace for resisting of a Temptation, BUT for a situation of ceaseless Temptations to cease, totally"- by Hans-Georg Lundahl
Hans-Georg Lundahl
That was NOT what I said.
Yes it was :) I just added the words "BOTH Venial and Mortal sins" everything else was from you. To those reading this...I suggest you read our conversation from the 'view declines' that is if he has not removed the post :)
Also Hans has just unfriend me. I wonder why? :)
Hans-Georg Lundahl
Because you unauthorisedly added the words both venial and mortal sins, and because you changed the personal situation, which I am in thanks to misquoters and conclusion jumpers like you to a general one. I was talking exactly about my own sitaution, and people so eager to understand that they misunderstand is one thing where killing comes to mind.
I might prefer another sin, mortal in its kind, but less so than manslaughter.