vendredi 23 septembre 2011

Be my Unwin or Hooper if you like.

par Hans-Georg Lundahl, mardi 20 septembre 2011, 14:26

Unwin was the publisher of JRRT, Walter Hooper publishes what CSL left behind.

In other words, I ask any reader of these lines, who ever dreamt of publishing books, to consider publishing my blogs.

Here are the conditions: link.

Here is a bit about the method, materially: link about page positions and link about using them.

Here is an example, nearly ready made, only print out, copy in double sided, fold, bookbinder's deal or homemade, cut up pages on top, in French: link to first eight pages, the rest of the 64 being on previous links, except the very first.

Here is why: blogs are a part of internet. If and if so when internet shuts down, blogs as such are lost. The texts on them or images on them need not be. Copy from net to word or open office, then print out then position pages, then make originals for double sided copies, then make double sided copies as many or few as suits your purse (initial investment) and taste for openness or discretion (do you want to make a business or just a homey very secondary income or just gifts to friends?) - and the texts are saved, on paper, even if the blogs close down.

Of course this presupposes bloggers that allow this. Do not do this if the blogger does not expressly allow this. I am one (see conditions above), maybe the first. You may be the next. Anyway, if you have a home, you are better suited than I right now to storing the books you make than I was when I made them.

Best of luck:

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Clermont s Oise
20 sept 2011

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