jeudi 28 février 2013

On Pat's Wall, by me

Series about my FB enemies: 1) Gossip About Cyber, 2) Gríma Wormtongue has his like in real life - at least as far as his choice of viewpoint is concerned, 3) My Innocence About the Vice of Curiosity, 4) Heated Discussion on Historical Backgrounds for Schism of 1054, 5) Misquoters and Conclusion Jumpers!, 6) Guns, Homeless, Shelters, My Own Situation, 7) On Pat's Wall, by me, 8) In case someone not my FB friend even past wonders, Pat whom I unfriended is not Buchanan, 9) Answering Psychiatry Friendly Comments by one GP (friend of a friend), 10) GP tries it again - after attacking Alveda King, 11) Unfriending someone who is friends with people considering homeless mentally ill

Do you or don't you agree with Enoch Powell's Water Tower speach, specifically the part in which doctors are tending mentally ill mainly outside mental institutions? Do you agree with his view of the sub-normal? And his view of criminally insane?

And, more importantly, do you consider me as being in either of these categories?

Here is his speech by the way:

Your silence is speaking volumes, as the saying goes ... [Which is why I unfriended him, he had had fifteen hours to answer]

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