dimanche 2 décembre 2012

My Innocence About the Vice of Curiosity

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Citing St Thomas via Pastor's Corner:

"Vice may show itself as an inordinateness in the craving and eagerness to learn the truth."

- I may have been accused of that vice. And I may be very innocent thereof.

"This may be in four ways. One way is when this eagerness withdraws a person from another pursuit, which is his bounden duty."

- Studying natural and moral, especially societal, truth is not drawing myself away from any other bounden duty, rather I have made it my bounden duty.

"In another way, when one is eager to learn from an unlawful source."

- I have asked neither the devil nor the dead for truth. I have accepted an astrological advice offered once, but not sought it, nor sought any more astrological advice from the person, a woman in whom I find much to respect and few things to regret but those few things including the use of astrology.

"The third way is when one seeks to learn the truth about creatures without reference to the due end, which is the knowledge of God."

- I have on the contrary referred knowledge of alternative theories of "astrophysics", such as angelic movers rather than merely gravitational movements, very constantly to Prima Via and to Quinta Via (cf. STh, Ia P, QII, AIII, corp), and what I have said about the angel of the sun - supposing as I habitually do it is one, though it is certain that not every angel has its star - is to honour his fidelity to his maker and to his maker's mother.

"A fourth way is inasmuch as one is eager to know that truth which lies above his knowledge; for thereby men easily fall into errors."

- Herein I have at least sinned less than modern scientists: since they think they are more prone to get truths about the stars (or about earth and sea or about life and heredity) if taking away God and angels from the available explanations.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Pompidolian Library of Paris
(Bpi Georges Pompidou)
St Vivianne's Day
1st Sunday of Advent

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  1. The article itself (after citing St Thomas) was an attack on:

    - internet (but not newspapers, television, radio)

    - a feeling of having a right to transparency about FSSPX.

    Internet is no unlawful means of acquiring knowledge. And FSSPX was at one time very much proning a right to transparency about what really happened at Vatican II (selling Wiltgen's book The Rhine Flows into the Tiber) and in the Liturgic Commission.

    Such transparency was not sought out by me before it was offered me. I might not have accepted it, except that the Swedish Diocese in union with Rome had made a mess of the pastoral I needed. Later on FSSPX has done exactly the same too.