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GP tries it again - after attacking Alveda King

Series about my FB enemies: 1) Gossip About Cyber, 2) Gríma Wormtongue has his like in real life - at least as far as his choice of viewpoint is concerned, 3) My Innocence About the Vice of Curiosity, 4) Heated Discussion on Historical Backgrounds for Schism of 1054, 5) Misquoters and Conclusion Jumpers!, 6) Guns, Homeless, Shelters, My Own Situation, 7) On Pat's Wall, by me, 8) In case someone not my FB friend even past wonders, Pat whom I unfriended is not Buchanan, 9) Answering Psychiatry Friendly Comments by one GP (friend of a friend), 10) GP tries it again - after attacking Alveda King, 11) Unfriending someone who is friends with people considering homeless mentally ill

shared National Right to Life's photo.

"If the Dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is to live, our babies must live." - Alveda King, niece of MLK, Jr.

LIKE if you agree! Every life has value.
If she would convince people of her skin color to stop voting Democrat, I'd take her seriously.
She also converted from Baptist to Catholic.
The King family is a joke.
that wasn't his dream. The reds and blacks wanted my money. Why such a dream is treated with respect is beyond me.
Seriously, ability of x to convince community y to which x supposedly belongs of x' stance, is clearly overrated as indication of x being serious about it.

Some jerks won't believe I believe wholeheartedly Jesus from Nazareth is the Messiah, unless I convince all Jewry of Paris that this is so. What if they don't listen to me? Does that make me a Jew?
GP (unconnected to subject, attacks like these are weary:)
Hans, Putin is monitoring this thread. Get out now before he gets a bead on your whereabouts.
You do not get the distinction between suspicion and fear, do you?
You don't get that either makes me think you're crazy.

"I think Putin *Might* be personally persecuting me, I'm just not sure" is just as crazy as "Putin is"
Trying to "cure me" of my suspicions "for my own good" presupposes I am fearful ... and if it is not for MY good, then for whose? Putin's, perhaps? Or, another suspect, Zlatan's?

And you do not get that your ideas of what is crazy are not mine, will not be mine, and are by me considered an equivalent of the Pharisees' abuse of terms like "unclean spirit" as well as "sinner".

Or an equivalent to Big Brother's use of the word "thought crime".

I have other subjects that interest me more than Putin ... but not always when I reflect on why I am not printed in my writings on these other subjects.
You really don't get it. It has nothing to do with what you write about

Neither Putin nor anyone else important knows who you are, has seen your stuff, or cares.

It doesn't matter what you write. You could write anything or nothing about Putin. It doesn't matter. You have no influence and nobody cares.
The pension system is breaking down because of a denatality which in its turn is caused ny an overreliance on the welfare state. I write pretty radical articles on that subject in French. Why does the left not print me? They are the left. But why does the right not print me?

Because I am a nobody? Well, why do then SO MANY care about telling me precisely that? Makes me a bit suspicious.

I checked stats for one day. All blogs together, 34 views in France. 187 views all over the world. France = 1/11. Pretty good, except that when France is absent you do not get many countries, you get Russia and USA.
They don't print you because you're not saying anything new--or even anything old in a compelling way, because no one knows who you are, and because you're a homeless guy who thinks world leaders know or care about him (you have no credibility).

Newsflash: Wannabe writers are a dime a dozen. The vast majority do not make a living off of it. They grow up and stop leeching on society.
Newsflash: if you have not read my articles about it (do you speak French?) you have no idea whether I am saying anything new or in a compelling way at all. Except relying on the hearsay of what could for instance be your colleagues if you are a shrink.

(When will shrinks grow up and stop leeching on society? And on medical society?)

But of course, people over anxious with credibility will of course take into account that I am homeless. In my disadvantage. Even if they are right wing editors who have credibility problems themselves in those kinds of circles.

I mean, one of the editorialists admitted to being friend with a Rabbi. Or even bragged about it.

And what is your own credibility, if your incredibly stupid remark (note I am saying it is incredibly stupid, not that you are) about Miss King's credibility cannot defend itself, but needs a deflective maneuvre about my credibility?
Books have been written on this subject. Mark Steyn is a million times more compelling (and funny) than you are. It's a hunch. Seeing as everything you write on hear is paranoid and whiny, I've got a hunch the rest of your writing is worthless.

You think 221 views over however many blogs you have...what, like a big deal? You think 221 views in one day is compelling to a publisher? It's not. Look at the circulation, or page hits, of successful authors (who do this for a living). It's huge. Look at the sales for a political paperback.

If you had 20,000 hits, you'd have a point (although...lots of bloggers get lots of hits and can't make a living)--at least in that there'd be a reason for publishers to pay attention to you. But 221 views is Myspace territory. Honey, I put up a video on youtube once and got a few hundred views in a day. It's not a big deal.

Has it ever once occurred to you that the reason you can't make a living as a writer is because the writing business is cut-throat, ultra-competitive, most don't make it, and even the 1% that do mostly earn a pittance? Has it occurred to you that maybe you're part of the 99% that just isn't that special, and you should be like the rest of them and come up with a new plan for life that involves accomplishing something?
Do not call me "Honey", it comes through as homosexual from you to me.

The King family is involved in THIS:

Black Genocide . org

In other words, anyone who either dislikes blacks objecting to racialism or attacking abortion has a need to discredit Alveda King, Lyndon LaRouche - and me.

And seeing you are in medical society, that lots there are cryptoracialist and lots are pro-abortion .... you are interested in distancing yourself from Alveda - and from me.

"Except relying on the hearsay of what could for instance be your colleagues if you are a shrink."

Listen, sweetie pie, this is what makes me think you have a serious mental disorder--the fact that you think it's a possibility that psychologists and/or psychiatrists worldwide know who you are and discuss you. They don't. What would possibly make you famous worldwide? The answer is: nothing. Millions of psychopaths post all sorts of insane political theories on the web. There is an entire religion (Scientology) that has teams that go after psychiatrists. Psychiatrists don't care about them, and they don't care about you, much less know you by name and spend their time thinking about or discussing you.

They don't. Nobody cares about what you have to say or knows who you are. There is no worldwide (or Euro-Anglo-American) conspiracy against you.

You are a homeless guy who is a mediocre (if that) writer, and like 99% of writers, you can't make a living off of it. It is as simple as that. Occam's Razor, here.

You are a mediocre writer who can't make a living off of your writing, because it is just not that compelling or original or interesting. That's no insult, it just means you are not like the 1% who make a living off of writing. It means you're like the rest who go become 9th grade English teachers after living in Manhattan for 3 years after college waiting tables and being rejected.

Except, of course, they accepted the dream of being a writer was not going to come true, and moved on with their lives.

You've concocted bizarre, elaborate theories on why worldwide network *might* be plotting against you (and no, qualifying that with the word *might* doesn't make you any more sane. That you think it does, is more proof of your insanity), because you just can't face the facts. It's really sad. I wonder where your parents are, what they must have done to you--or perhaps, how they failed to help you.

Please move on with your life.

[was removed by friend, but I managed to copy it]
This post is being deleted.
And I could not answer ... I do so here:
Ma is - if still alive - or was till recently, a victim of psychiatry. People like Krauss (but earlier on spot) thought it was child abuse of her to raise me a Creationist and a Christian and pro-life. One way of dealing with that (an atheist granny collaborated) was putting her in mentals institutions and putting me in a boarding school, where I got bad comrades. And lost temporarily parts of my modesty and innocence.

When I started getting it back, psychiatry started getting at me.

And saying that not just abortions, but also shrinks are a counterproductive waste of tax money, except from a clearly diabolic point of view is pretty new. CCHR has part of it blown by the fact that Hubbard founded a non-Catholic sect called Scientology. I am a clearly traditional catholic and clearly inerrantist Bible believer wo supports CCHR.

That is pretty radical. That can be construed as dangerous by some.

I could add that before shrinks tried to get at me, I had a dream of making amodest living as a teacher. In Sweden that is not for me. And probably not in France either, but a private school might do ... meanwhile, the best I can do for merely practical reasons as well as preference and conscience, is writing.

As for dad, he might be pulling strings as much as Putin could, except he is in Sweden and not supposed to have as much power in France as Putin has. So, suspecting Putin is an act of charity towards my dad. I do not want to suspect him of having the kind of power it takes to "help me" GP style across more than one frontier. I do not want to suspect medical society of siding with a stranger far away over his son at hand. And I do not want to suspect medical society of having more or less KGB style power. But it has. When it comes to shrinks.

But of course, it was handy enough to attack me in person after I defended someone else he wanted to attack.

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    The guestbook spam does not come from bots, and pretty often from Russia or Ukraine.

    If noone there knows who I am, how come my guestbook is spammed from there? The links I give are to me guestbook, the links from my guestbook are IP searches for the spammers. That it comes from Kiev, Moscow and other places over there is not a conspiracy theory on my part, it is a fact attested by the IP search. And supposing the computers registered over there are physically in Paris - why so elaborate?

  2. My actual words: All blogs together, 34 views in France. 187 views all over the world.

    His interpretation: You think 221 views over however many blogs you have...what, like a big deal?

    He interpreted my words "all over the world" as "all over the rest of the world". Sloppy semantics when interpreting me - which seems to confirm the suspicion he could be a shrink. They would be out of business pretty quick if they paid sufficient attention to the actual words to discover coherence when it is there.

    A point he made: If you had 20,000 hits, you'd have a point

    In one day? How many sites of published authors have that? Might check ...

  3. Let us take one blogger who is regularly published in the right wing paper:

    Sitemeter Yves Chiron:
    presumably that means all time.

    Mine, blog by blog (but not provided by sitemeter, by blogger itself rather):
    33.238 pageviews
    22.824 pageviews - 56.062
    32.533 pageviews - 88.595
    68 pageviews - 88.663
    18.617 pageviews - 107.208
    4.878 pageviews - 112.158
    13.569 pageviews - 125.727
    8.008 pageviews - 133.735
    6.585 pageviews - 140.320
    17.978 pageviews - 158.298

    That is the first ten, from Φιλολoγικά/Philologica to En lengua romance en Antimodernism y de mis caminaciones in order of latest post. (To be continued)

  4. Jeanne Smits for her blog has chosen not visitors, but ranking on ebuzz (15 and 510 in two different systems). Tea at Trianon is without either.

    Getting back to my stats:

    12.379 pageviews 170.677
    18.205 pageviews 188.882
    1.260 pageviews 190.142
    7.274 pageviews 197.416
    5.962 pageviews 203.378
    4.069 pageviews 207.447
    47.576 pageviews 255.023
    1.313 pageviews 256.336
    4.334 pageviews 260.670
    3.307 pageviews 263.977
    162 pageviews 264.139
    2.445 pageviews 266.584
    823 pageviews 267.407
    1.073 pageviews 268.480
    1.012 pageviews 269.492
    916 pageviews 270.408

    I am not finished, but already tired. These were from På Svenska og på Dansk på Antimodernism to La seconde ou deuxième cinquième du pélérinage.

  5. Hans-Georg Giving more stats10 septembre 2013 à 03:56

    361 7/9
    253 8/9

    Australia 1
    Belgium 1 = 2
    Burkina Faso 1 = 3
    Canada 3 1 = 4 = 7
    China 1 2 8 3 4 3 1 2 1 = 25 = 32
    France 8 12 5 11 1 1 1 2 2 1 = 44 = 76
    Germany 2 1 3 = 6 = 82
    Greece 1 = 83
    Indonesia 2 = 85
    Israel 1 = 86
    Kuwait 1 = 87
    Moldova 1 = 88
    Netherlands 2 = 90
    Pakistan 1 4 = 5 = 95
    Philippines 2 = 97
    Russia 1 2 2 3 11 1 2 = 22 = 119
    Sweden 1 6 5 1 = 13 = 131
    Switzerland 1 = 132
    United Kingdom 1 = 133
    United States 23 2 5 5 3 19 5 2 2 4 8 = 78 = 211
    Ukraine 3 2 1 3 2 = 11 = 222