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Trade Unions Are Not Intrinsically Evil.

Quote: "…I have provided proof, drawn from archival evidence and other authentic sources, that even after her conversion to Catholicism, Day became a member of several socialist organizations and was actively involved in political groups (including trade unions) whose founders and leaders were predominantly Communist Party members. She also supported the causes of individual Communists who were in the pay of the Soviet Union."

If a Communist founds a Trade Union, the Communist Party of the Communist remains evil, but the Trade Union may not be so.

Quote: "in July 1949 Pope Pius XII issued a decree of excommunication against anyone who collaborated with Communists or joined their associations."

Their associations would be either the party cells or possibly - we have seen such things in France - Trade Unions affiliated to Communist Parties. But a Trade Union not so affiliated, open to non-communists and anti-communists, offering or demanding no membership of Communist Party at same time (in Sweden some unions till recently were collectively members of Swedish Social Democratic Partic) would not automatically be excommunicated.

Collaborating with Communists, does that extend to joining same Trade Union or serving at same University or non-Communist army as one who is a Communist?

Quote: "His letter to the Pope went on to say that he was particularly concerned about Day's 'favorable writings regarding Lenin, Castro, Mao, and Ho Chi Minh. As you well know, each of the above dictators ordered the execution of Catholic priests among the millions of other Christians murdered by these regimes.'"

That starts looking like a problem. Unless of course it was approval with a reservation. I approved for about two years of Hitler "with a reservation" - namely against his persecution of Jews (and I obviously did not mean it was OK to persecute gipsies either) until later in adolescence I took Franco for my anti-Communist hero. I have approved of Tito - with a similar restriction - namely insofar as his Communism was not so much Communism as Fascism, not quite unlike that of Austrofascism. Obviously I do not approve of:

  • - [his] murders during partisan period
  • - anticlerical measures
  • - feminist idiocies including [but not limited to] abortion.

Those are, like the purely market related things of Lenin and Stalin, Communist things and not approvable. [They are indeed worse than the purely market things.]

Obviously I do approve of keeping small business possible and free, and big business in the monopoly of the state (post offices, mines, railways ....) as Dollfuß did and as Father Ignaz Seipel S.J. recommended. And unlike Tito, Austrofascism did not make school attendance mandatory, they did allow homeschooling, but did make mandatory a course of one's religion (usually Catholic, alternatively Protestant or Hebrew) for achieving the "Matura" (Baccalaureate).

And though Austrofascism encouraged Cooperatives, like those in the Milk Industry, I do not think they were mandatory, whatever the case may have been with Tito.

But I have not read Doris Day, cannot say in what sense she can have defended Lenin (if she did so) and what restrictions she made and made public about the approval. I would certainly not approve Trotskiy, who first used and then butchered poor "useful idiot" Makhnov. And as we speak of Ukraine, Makhnov was better than Petliura in avoiding Pogroms, but Petliura better than Makhnov in avoiding expropriation.

Anyone who cares to stamp me as a Communist, when my Distributist hero is not even Doris Day but Gilbert Keith Chesterton? Because if anyone is as dishonest (or stupid) as that, he or she might do better to unfriend me. [From my FB Friends' List].

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Bibl. Chaptal, Paris
St Valentin

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