samedi 16 février 2013

Over used adage about "unconditional love"

From FB Friend's status:

“Unconditional love is not affirming another in every decision they make especially when those choices are unhealthy. Unconditional love will risk offending in the name of genuine concern. It will risk relationship for the ultimate well-being of the other. To indiscriminately affirm the unhealthy choices of others is not love at all but perhaps the worst kind of fraud.” -Michael M. Rose

A very overused adage. Very over used in our days.

First of all, it is one of the "real love is not x but y" meme. One very productive meme when it comes to manipulating girls away from would be husbands, wives away from husbands.

Next, people are not just risking but destroying relationships obeying injunctions about what shrinks consider "unhealthy choices".

Third, the Catechism does not state one should not support loved ones in "unhealthy" choices, but that one should not do so in SINFUL ones. And claiming that a choice becomes sinful "because it is unhealthy" is claiming something which is not always true. Especially when it comes to one's neighbours non-physical health. Telling your hubby to cut down on drink or smoke or fat is another matter. Cardiac crises do exist, as does Ulcer and Lung Cancer.

But when it comes to choices considered "unhealthy" for mental reasons, there is such a thing as being too much of a watchdog about mental health, and that thing can actually destroy or harm it just as much as any "unhealthy choice".

I commented February 6 and post this February 16, Year of Our Lord MMXIII, Les Halles Musical Library of Paris.

Hans-Georg Lundahl

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