dimanche 4 mars 2012

Cardinal Dolan and Fr Longenecker vs Kouchner et al.

National Catholic Register Cardinal Dolan Issues Letter Hinting at Legal Challenge

Was posted by a friend. He then quoted, without linking, this aricle about Apostate Catholics vs Faithful Catholics:

The Coming Persecution
(a priest's projection on what is to come if Obama re-elected)

My comment:

You* have practically resumed what happened to French Catholicism. They are quite able to push canonisation of Abbé Pierre who had a mistress and used condoms. His partner, ideologically, pushes Georgia Guidestones agenda.

‎(Kouchner and he is alive. In Greek letters gematria does not make it number of the beast, have not checked with Hebrew letters)

Hans-Georg Lundahl
BpI, rue du Renard
Yesterday, 3d March
YooL 2012

*The you=Fr. Longenecker, not Cardinal Dolan.

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