jeudi 30 avril 2015

One Unpleasant Admin Type (pretending to be Trad Catholic, perhaps pretending to be admin too - see his correction below)

MR (not visibly identical to one other MR)
stop supporting wackos, we are getting tired of nonsense discussions here, otherwise we are going to ban you from the group

this is a Traditional Catholic group, and some of us certainly are sedes but supporting nuts is another story

why are you using two profiles to comment? this leads to suspicion, you are going to be allowed to use only one, so please chose the one you like to use

your comments are going to be observed

My response to this MR:
"stop supporting wackos"

If I thought them wackos I would not support them.

"we are getting tired of nonsense discussions here"

Some of you have shown so, are you an administrator or is it an empty threat?

Otherwise, you attitude is like that of bourgeois pagans in Athens who were not loving Socrates at all. As you know, the Catholic view of them is that their view was more erroneous than his.

"otherwise we are going to ban you from the group"

I am used to it.

That is one reason why I save discussions on blogs, so as not to have completely have wasted my time in a group hostile to me onto which I was added by some wellmeaning friend.

For instance I was friends with a well known blogger Rosman, a modernist Catholic, he obviously wanted to have me confronted with a real discussion with atheists, here is what happened:

HGL's F.B. writings [this blog] : I am not sure you know Artur Sebastian Rosman

"this is a Traditional Catholic group, and some of us certainly are sedes but supporting nuts is another story"

The title of the group mentioned nothing about not being a nut or not supporting a nut.

You see, trying to exclude nuts is incompatible with the cathollicity of the Church. All ages (yes, angels created before man to bliss after Harmageddon), all nations, all of the revealed doctrine. That much even you knew, but what about ALL CLASSES OF MEN?

So, excluding nuts is more like a Jewish Talmudic Yeshiva than like a Roman Catholic group.

"why are you using two profiles to comment?"

Already answered, since I was added under both profiles. Why do I have two profiles in the first place? Because some Pharisees perhaps of different confession than you, but certainly of similar morals, blocked me from my first account, and I got it back after creating a second one. Since I have exactly the same name on BOTH profiles, commenting under the two of them cannot be compared to creating different persons with different names. The profile Hans Georg Lundahl is a bit too similar to the profile Hans Georg Lundahl to be really efficient as a sock puppet. So, "this leads to suspicion" = a statement amounting to complete absurdity.

"you are going to be allowed to use only one, so please chose the one you like to use"

If this is your take, what about - neither?

"your comments are going to be observed"

Oh yea? Like previewed before showing in public? No thanks to that. However, if you meant "observed" as in people paying attention to what I say, I have nothing against that for a change. That is one more reason why I republish debates on my blogs so that more people can observe my comments. Now, your turn.

He seems to have
first let me stay and debate a few hours more, then excluded me. Without further ado. However, when opening my other profile I was a bit unreasonably annoyed, since ...

I got same text
on said this my other profile and answered “Already answered:” linking to this post while it only contained above. Whereupon:

Hey Wacko Stop writing me, or I will report your account to Facebook and the NSA

NSA? I was answering your repeated (or initially doubled?) message. I was annoyed by YOUR writing me that, now that is said, I have no more reason to write you, except if you instead of satisfying my curiosity on NSA go off another tirade of bad manners.

I´m An Administrator in a Group you used to be a member, so I wrote you to warn you, i have no other interest in comunicate with wackos as you, hippie

thanks for taking my word of "neither", the other MR was getting clearly annoying, on both of my profiles.

As to hippie, I'd rather be that than Pharisee, but on the other hand, what do you know about me?

I couldn´t care less about you

Bad manners to presume things about people you couldn't care less about.

If you want to say sth about someone, first care enough to find out what's there to say.

Apart from that little lesson, what a relief!

if the other MR is: MR, he is the new group admin you should correct your blog, the part of ¨perhaps pretending to be admin too¨ or maybe not your 2 or 3 followers wouldn´t care much

so have a good life hippie, i´m not going to waste my time with wackos

Your correction will be inserted. With anonymising of him too.

Thanks Hippie your 2 folwers will be pleased

How do you know they are two?

I thought you referred to public followers, there are none on that blog.

“Il n'y a aucun membre pour l'instant. Soyez le premier !"

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