mercredi 15 avril 2015

"et lux non loqui"

MM (status in a Latin group)
I saw this on Jimmy Kimmel. any ideas on what it could mean?

et lux non loqui

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comments, involving hint at "and light not to speak" but not settling on it, due to grammatical incongruence.

I bump in:
too word by word translation of phrase "and the light not to speak"?

Like "[the grace to know] and the light not to speak"? Or some such context?

I am sure it was not by a Latinist (unless very Tacitean, Tacitus is magnificently short cutting), but rather by google translate.

Guess verified:

"and light not to speak"
"et lux non loqui"

In other words, someone might be using some kind of roundabout tactics to give a known Latinist (which would by now include me) hints about omertà. Using google translate when not knowing Latin himself would be such a roundabout way, for instance. And yes, I am a man who has seen other hints about omertà, due to my blogs:

Φιλολoγικά/Philologica : Huius autoris bloggi

Vobis quasi divinandum est in quo articulo meorum bloggorum provocavi hoc rete quod reclamat "homeritatem" (si hoc modo vertere possim vocabulum "omertà").

Forsitan quisnam sectator technologiae computatri voluit me habere lucem ut non loquar?

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