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Is Chomsky Consuming His Credibility Points?

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[Links to] open culture : Noam Chomsky Schools 9/11 Truther; Explains the Science of Making Credible Claims
in Politics, Science| October 24th, 2013

영어로 쓰면 빅브라더가 체크할까봐 한국말로 쓴다. 그간 떠돌던 9.11의 의문과 진실이 드디어 공식적으로 밝혀지기 시작하는거 같다. 세상에 비밀의 수명은 짧다. 이 문제로 이탈리아 수상이 낙마했는데 결국 84세의 촘스키가 한마디. 이라크침공의 빌미가 필요했겠지. 중동패권을 위한 미국과 이스라엘의 의도된 작업인거 같은데 방향은 엉뚱하게 쟈스민혁명으로 친미독재자들이 무너지면서 계획이 어긋나간거 같다. 힘으로 또 억지로 되는게 아닌것 같다.

[yes, it's all Corean to me!]

Thank you for posting this. I have seen a lot of truthers here.

I attempted to translate the above via Google and it wasn't very successful. Could someone tell me what it says?

[I can't, but I am not surprised about Google Translate.]

[Quoting Chomsky:]

“In fact, you’re right that there’s a consensus among a miniscule number of architects and engineers. They are not doing what scientists and engineers do when they think they’ve discovered something. What you do is write articles in scientific journals, give talks at the professional societies, go to the civil engineering department at MIT or Florida or wherever you are, and present your results, then proceed to try to convince the national academies, the professional society of physicists and civil engineers, the departments of the major universities, that you’ve discovered something. There happen to be a lot of people around who spend an hour on the internet and think they know a lot physics, but it doesn’t work like that. There’s a reason there are graduate schools in these departments.”

[Answering the quoted argument:]

By now the Academies ought to know this exists.

And attracts people. If getting Chomsky to say "this is not how it works" is the best they can do, they are simply attacking the principle of scientific debate that ANYONE can challenge the set theory. And thereby making science a game of authoritarianism.

So, what could they do instead?

Make an internet page. Let it contain each and every statement made by the "miniscule group" and give an examination of it.

Getting one's life ruined by getting derided by people like Chomsky may also be a risk which some people dare not take.

So, the Academies are answering the minority report by what amounts to intimidation by proxy. And Chomsky agrees to be the proxy. Bravo (*not clapping hands myself, though*).

Hans-Georg Lundahl, well said.

HGL (again, I know)
[turning to linguistic question:]


yeong-eolo sseumyeon bigbeuladeoga chekeuhalkkabwa hangugmallo sseunda. geugan tteodoldeon 9.11ui uimungwa jinsil-i deudieo gongsigjeog-eulo balghyeojigi sijaghaneungeo gatda. sesang-e bimil-ui sumyeong-eun jjalbda. i munjelo itallia susang-i nagmahaessneunde gyeolgug 84se-ui chomseukiga hanmadi. ilakeuchimgong-ui bilmiga pil-yohaessgessji. jungdongpaegwon-eul wihan miguggwa iseula-el-ui uidodoen jag-eob-ingeo gat-eunde banghyang-eun eongttunghage jyaseuminhyeogmyeong-eulo chinmidogjaejadeul-i muneojimyeonseo gyehoeg-i eogeusnagangeo gatda. him-eulo tto eogjilo doeneunge aningeos gatda.

Google version of a translation:

Big Brother is checked halkkabwa write in English written in Korean. The question of the truth whilst tteodoldeon 9.11 as haneungeo finally revealed officially begins. The secret life of the world is short. Italian Prime Minister had this problem nakma Chomsky short of the end 84. The probable cause of the invasion of Iraq, what you did took. Looks ingeo intended work in the United States and Israel for Middle East supremacy direction eongttunghage pro dictators gone as planned Mismatches collapsed into Jasmine Revolution. Doeneunge not such as to force another force.

Note : "write in English written in Korean."

Possibly the Corean text is itself a Google translate from English to Corean, which means it comes out garbled if you retranslate.

Note : "Big Brother is checked"

Might be a missed retranslation for BB is checking.

Btw, if this is advice, hopefully not to me, since I am a blogger/writer and giving messages in English google translated to Corean is not how that business works.

thanks, i got the same translation and was further confused. figured someone would come along eventually who could translate.

Might be an idea to look up untranslated words and then guess at English original till you get an identical Corean translation.

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