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On Debating with Different Atheists in Different Situations

Evolution 2.0
17 février
After ten years of debating with atheists, would you still be a Christian?

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"After ten years of debating with atheists, would you still be a Christian?"

I have been debating atheists and other evolutionists + protestants for 16 years over internet.

I am still Catholic and YEC. I soon became and still am Geocentric.

Why exactly is the publication of Perry Marshall termed Evolution 2.0?

The internet is not the same because the written word lacks emotional wealth and you are often not invested in your connection with your interlocutor. I have atheist friends who hit me with every stereotypical talking point when we meet up and what's frustrating is that they not only believe that "absence of God" is simply a "default" belief (see the subthread of David Valentine's comment for a stunning example), but they also often go one further and extend this "default" "obvious" worldview to secular humanist "freethinking" altogether. So to even try to make a point I would have to express a view I hold that they consider so offensive and repugnant (wrongly in my view) that I fear losing the friendship, even though they do not hesitate to belittle everything I believe in and love in front of me without ever thinking they might be engaging in what they often claim to hate.

Why do you stay friends with such guys in the first place?

I am debating atheists over internet, but I am when confronted with that kind of type free not to engage in friendship.

(Slavic / Balkan*)
^what he said, if you really cant communicate with your friends no matter the reason then why be friends, i and my atheist best friend for example can have a meaningful conversation without pissing each other off

so basically you've shut yourself from reality, congratulations

NM It is perfectly possible to debate with serenity and kindness, without falling into rudeness and insults, even having very different positions.

MK - you mean engaging in friendship with atheists and giving up any resistance to their evolution memes is what it takes to not be shut off from reality?

St - you may be perfectly right, but MK just showed he was NOT the kind of atheist to do that, and you didn't notice, and how about telling that to the atheist friends of NM, instead of telling it to him?

* While I anonymised names behind acronyms, I thought it was interesting to note presumable heritage. For NM, some Jewish could be suspected, but not immediately, nor is it necessary. The ones I put in parentheses are linguistically certain, whether they live in respective parts of Europe or are American.

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