jeudi 19 mars 2015

Neither Racist Nor Antiracist

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[White man, Cultural Marxist - presumably, since meme generator was against such - in a straitjacket beside the text]

Whites are oppressors
Non-Whites are victims
But race doesn’t exist
Yet I love racial diversity
And I celebrate our differences
Because we’re all the same
So let’s destroy diversity
by mixing together …
But only in white countries
Let's see if I can straighten the cultural Marxist out a bit ...

« Whites are oppressors » - correction, some whites have been colonisers and slave owners and all of these have not been vile oppressors, but only some of them.

« Non-Whites are victims » - correction, some non-whites have been among colonized and slaves, but other non-whites have been slave hunters (worse than slave owners), like certain blacks in Africa or like Arabs with interests in slave hunting razzoos, or colonisers, like Peruvians for the Empire of Incas.

« But race doesn’t exist » - correction, race meaning descendance or posterity of a common ancestor does exist. It exists as family extended over centuries (race of Merovingians, race of Carolingians, race of Capetians) or as family of Adam extending over centuries. Skin colours also exist. While less vital they may be indications of nationality, which is a subdivision of larger race and a coalition of smaller races. There were 72 ones of them after Babel.

« Yet I love racial diversity » - correction, diversity of races as in skin colours living together is too general a phenomenon to either love or hate. It can be a good circumstance or a bad circumstance, depending on circumstances. It is neither a thing to be violently sought as Paradise, nor a thing to be violently fought off as Hell.

« And I celebrate our differences » - correction, you ought to celebrate some but not all of them.

« Because we’re all the same » - correction, in nature yes, in connatural or acquired dispositions no.

« So let’s destroy diversity by mixing together » - correction, mixing together should happen or not depending on personal whims, not depending on some programme of destroying or upholding diversity.

« But only in white countries » - correction, it seems quite a lot of the mixing started in colonies outside Europe and is now getting to Europe – including to Europeans who were not opting for it by going to colonies, or whose nations weren’t even possessing colonies or very many of them.

For instance, Blacks not shutting down abortion clinics by, I will not say riotting but even picketting or personal condemnation spread as far as one's word reaches, and that as one man, that is not what I like about blacks.

Lifenews : Since Michael Brown Died, 981 Black Babies Have Died in Abortion in Missouri, But There are No Riots
Opinion Steven Ertelt Nov 26, 2014 | 11:52AM Jefferson City, MO

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