jeudi 5 mars 2015

FB helping truth

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Daily Mail : 'It was an amazing moment': Social worker gloats on Facebook over breaking up a family and revelling in the 'massive rollicking' the judge gave the parents
By Andrew Levy for Daily Mail
Published: 00:08 GMT, 15 September 2014 | Updated: 10:59 GMT, 15 September 2014

some comments.

My own comments:
What a wonderful thing FB has done for family rights here!

Have not read all article, has the family been reuinted after this?

It should be, but anyway, this has broken the illusion that all decisions adverse to family unity are made with utmost sadness and strictly only with the most tearful and painful reluctance and just for the good of the child.

As far as I read, there was some domestic violence, but probably not so much as to make it all unbearable, since the words "zero tolerance" were used.

Other link given
Daily Mail : How social services are paid bonuses to snatch babies for adoption
Last updated at 23:10 31 January 2008

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