samedi 18 octobre 2014

Dialogue with Robb Thurston, who is an adherent of Pope Michael

På Svenska og på Dansk på Antimodernism : 1) Om antikristna akademiker... the prequel, 2) Om antikristna akademiker

Robb Thurston
If you want me to translate that by Google, this is a fabulous way to force me. You know English, it is now the Lingua Franca, and I will use it. Please join me in English or tolerate Google. The ball is in your court!!
Hans Georg Lundahl
No, ask MR to translate it, he can, I hope, and google can't. Or someone else of my Swedish pals, like on my other profile. Or even here. EÅ, EL, DMcI, any of you willing to translate this from Swedish to English - after asking the Morlock "Johan Strauss" (is that his real name?) if he agrees to have it translated?

To clarify - this is not a monologue, but a debate between me and the lead singer of a band called Morlocks who seem to be all of them Discordians.

[from other profile:] HW, EH, Yvonne Maria Werner PhD, Ulf Ansgar Silfverling (PhD?), MU, Stephan Borgehammar PhD (Theol.?), anyone of you care to translate from Swedish to English, after asking permission of the Morlock J. Strauss, of course? Robb Thurston seems to have an interest in the content.
Robb Thurston
Please attempt to write English, standard High School level. I am not going to joust with Scandinavian languages and their authors. You are positing to The pope of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Roman Church, David Bawden aka Michael I. Otherwise your posts are a waste of our time. English is lingua franca now, please use it or we shall not be able to do otherwise than to get Google to translate, putatively, Frisian, Icelandic, Platt Deutsch, Schweitzer Deutsch, Danish, Old Gothic or other languages you choose. PLEASE WRITE SIMPLE English. Thanks.
Hans Georg Lundahl
Robb Thurston, I am as far as I know and hope a free man and not YOUR slave, nor His Holiness'. If he wants to know what I write in other languages than English or Latin (hoping he knows Latin better than I caught him knowing it a few years ago), he can ask a person to translate, and NOT a machine. God knows how to translate, angels too, and men. Google doesn't.

I am posting to ALL of my friends, NOT just to you or to His Holiness.

I sincerely hope he is NOT approving your idiotic and frankly barbarous and sectarian behaviour.
Robb Thurston
Please quantify this, I need to know which canon I transgress. Advise.

That is, quantify: " idiotic and frankly barbarous and sectarian behaviour." Thanks.
Hans Georg Lundahl
"You are positing to The pope of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Roman Church, David Bawden aka Michael I. Otherwise your posts are a waste of our time."

I am as said posting to ALL of my friends, and to suppose otherwise on your part (or, God forbid, that of His Holiness) is a barbarous and sectarian presumption.

Btw, it is "posting", and not "positing".
Robb Thurston
Are all of your friends members of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Chuurch headed by Pope Michael I, aka David Bawden, or a sundry collecting of Scandinavians? Advise.
Hans Georg Lundahl
A sundry collection of Scandinavians, and most of us Catholics. In some of the obediences available. Sede, Ratzinger fan club and Bergoglio accepters, but some are not even Catholic. Does that satisfy your curiosity?
Robb Thurston
Nothing will satisfy me except a plenary movement of society in general towards this scripture: "Ἐπιτιμήσαι σοι ,Κύριος ". Please comply and denigrate Satan. This wil;l save your soul and the world, nothing else. FIGHT AGAINST EVIL.

Get your sundry collective of Scandinavians to assault Satan, please.
Hans Georg Lundahl
Most of us are already doing it in some way. Even if it is not minutely controlled by His Holiness or yourself. None is pro-abortion (excepting one school comrade not here mentioned). Etc.

Stephan Borgehammar has written - in English - a book called How the Holy Cross was Found. He may have done more for the faith in Scandinavia at least than HH.

That said, we are laymen, we have what is caled a life to live. We are not supposed to fight under orders like monks.

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