lundi 20 octobre 2014

Beatifying to Go to Perdition?

Status in a Catholic FB Group:

Pope Francis \ Homilies : At closing Mass for the Synod Pope Francis beatifies Paul VI

My comment:

If he had beatified Fr Bryan Houghton or Abbé de Nantes or Cardinal Ottaviani or Mgr Lefèbvre, I would have been less worried about his "going to perdition" ... if you can call a cold near certainty a worry.

Check BERGOGLIO sum of letters in ASCII Code values. A=65, Z=90 (and there is one famous man internationally and one famous man now bearing that name, he still bears it as he still has an Argentinian citizenship, and his father cannot have handed it on due to the ASCII Code value in Satanistic attempts to fulfil the prophecy, since ASCII Code wasn't around till much later).

Ensuing exchange of words:

God bless these two holy men. xx
I mentioned four, which two are you talking about?

When abbé de Nantes considered Paul VI highly suspect of heresy, he felt he could trust God's providence if appealing to the apparent highest judge on earth - Paul VI. So he brought accusations against Paul VI before Paul VI. And Paul VI called, not Vatican Swiss Guard, but Italian policemen to cross the border and invade the sovereign Vatican state and evict abbé de Nantes. I have this story about Abbé de Nantes from HH Pope Michael. I do not think he made it up, nor that people denying he is pope should even dream of accusing him of that. And I do not think such manners befit someone who can be called "beatus" in the Catholic Church.

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