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Sean O'Neal lacks the basic skills for journalism.

1) Triviū, Quadriviū, 7 cætera : I was told Mark Steyn wrote better than me ..., 2) HGL's F.B. writings : Sean O'Neal lacks the basic skills for journalism.

[OK, for the kind of journalism he is doing.]

Star Trek's Kate Mulgrew says she was tricked into narrating film that argues the Sun revolves around Earth
By Sean O'Neal
Apr 8, 2014 •3:33 PM

Watch and read this, please:

Magisterial Fundies : Statement of The Producer Of "The Principle"
Wednesday, April 9, 2014, by Rick DeLano

OK, this was linking to another denial than the one here mentioned, but Lawrence Krauss matters too.

I am not referring to his story about the actress. I am referring to these words:

Should Mulgrew and Krauss’ accusations of misrepresentation be true, they certainly wouldn’t be the first levied against The Principle’s creator and principal voice, Robert Sungenis, [...] It wouldn’t even be the first time Krauss has made one; he’s on record as refuting Sungenis as far back as 2006.

There he links to this supposed "refutation":

In this world view, the sun revolves around the earth
The Times-News - Google News Archive Search
Thursday, March 30 2006, 5A

[Robert C. Newman and Alec MacAndrew had some more to say, perhaps not to the point, but more than Lawrence Krauss, or rather Robert C. Newman had. However the latter was an intelligent designer. That is perhaps why Sean O'Neal prefers crediting the supposed refutation of Sungenis to Krauss, who is on record as saying "a star had to die so that you can live."]

"What works? Science works, Geocentrism doesn't. End of story."*

ALL that Krauss had to say in that long article. Hardly a refutation. Especially not as people have been busy answering it.

OK, not all, he adds

"I've learned over time that it is hard to convince people who believe otherwise, independent of evidence."

So this is what Sean O'Neal considers as "being on record refuting Sungenis"? Please, Sean O'Neal, what about doing your journalism carreer investigating crime like Tintin or looking at wars going on? If you want to do science journalism and use words like "refuting", you might want to learn some logic first!

* Quoted within the article I am quoting from, hence the quotation marks are from there.

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