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Dialogue on Psychiatry

this evil is what stalin practiced. Monday is the anniversary of the death of stalin!!!!!!!!!march. also, google punitive psychiatry in Russia, current.
chruschev brought it to new heights ... stalin was more into gulag ...

"Third, a separate question, which presents a greater risk for someone with mental health problems and to which there is no simple answer - Can he spend six months in a psychiatric hospital and have a chance (if, of course, the doctors are humane and honourable) of being released because he has been ‘cured’ – or will he end up in a real prison for several years?"

Some stay years in psychiatry when prison would have been months!

From: Has punitive psychiatry returned to Russia?
Daniil Kotsyubinsky and Alexander Kotsyubinsky 17 October 2013

From same source:

"Second, psychiatrists in hospitals, where these ‘patients’ end up when they have been sentenced, don’t always behave like executioners. If a responsible psychiatrist sees that the patient who has been sent for compulsory treatment is not actually ill, then he simply goes through the motions, as it were, so as not to damage the health of this person. This is what happened with Soviet dissident Pyotr Grigorenko: twice he was sent to special clinics for compulsory treatment, but the doctors managed to avoid prescribing strong drugs for him."

This is an admission that strong drugs are hurtful. Meaning those legalised for psychiatrists to use in clinics. Or some of those. It is also an admission that some psychiatrists do behave like executioners.

"Firstly, a completely healthy person is not just given a false psychiatric diagnosis. What happens is that, at the request of the security services, psychiatrists diagnose someone with psychiatric disorder(s), which are not dangerous for either him or those around him, as more seriously ill than he is."

I have no reason to take this word for fact.

If by "completely healthy" you mean a person living a harmonic life, that would be something else, and indeed most who are in psychiatry are not living harmonic lives. Due to psychiatry, in part. But this chilling stepladder of degrees between harmonic life and madness means that people not mad are given diagnoses which if they do not really mean madness at least work as excuses for shutting up someone in a madhouse.

Last time I was for somewhat less than a week locked up in such a place I saw two people at least destroyed by drugs and one old man who was senile dement (who could have lived with some dignity at home if he had had a family able to keep him at home) and at the utmost one mad or possessed woman, possibly a witch. And her I only saw the last day. The rest were mentally sane, if one or two were what could be called "simples" and most were under a terrible strain which was at least partly due to the mental institution and the risk of landing up there again.

The article I quoted from was about a resister who had come into psychiatry. Of him the author (?)* said that he "has had mental health problems for some years." The problem with this approach is that ANYONE living under some strain can be described as having "mental health problems" and if this mean the situation worsens rather than betters, it can even be "for some years."

In other words, the world of mental health care is a goldmine for destroying loners. Step a) cause strain, step b) describe his living under a strain as a "mental health problem", step c) describe a situation in a way that calumniates the person's mental balance before mental health professionals ... I think you are able to figure the rest of it out.
Hans I think dr Peter breggin is the man with the best answers. Further , so many now given haldol. A lady down the street lost her boyfriend and she was put on haldol. See below. Two spaces

I thought what happened. Overnite she lost her beauty and actually looked like she suddenly aged twenty years. Wow. Why do not the psychiatrists prescribe religion. A neighbour died from psycho drugs. I told him one day to return to church. He had left the church decades ago. He said to me that his psychiatrist did not prescribe church. I said to myself. Maybe he is a puppet?

Often psychiatrists call religion a disease. Many who have no religion yet can tell folks their religion a disease. I have heard of folks being given thorazine for devotion to rosary.

I met a nice catholic girl in school. She told me she spent a summer in a mental institution cause her Lutheran adopted parents were mad she interested in catholic faith. In the psyche ward she was told to remove her scapular. The program was to destroy her love of sacramentals. She refused to throw away her scapular. They made her sand chairs in solitary confinement for three days to get her to hate the brown scapular
Some drugs make reciting of rosary impossible. Happened to me while I was in such places. Last time as well as while serving normally a prison term but in transfer to psychiatry. Thank God I was on a prison term and had to be let out after doing the time!
wow, well the founders of mental health were very very opposed to family life and the church. the quotes are available on line, all their lectures are precious to the UN

I read that many children in the Ukraine are placed in mental institutions for their summer vacations and put on major psycho drugs
how awful!
and now how strong are they for this current war, and how they punished by psychiatrists ffor their hope in God, and punished with hard psycho drugs that also are chemical lobotomies ukranians here seem to happy with everything material here, that what happens in their home country often means little. I live near a ukranian village and the young are permissive also etc, not all. but the Sodom and gemorroh got in their blood stream as well, they dress immodest, listen to suggestive music, the real catholics in the Ukraine are not left to swim alone unless blessed mother intervenes

word is not, not, but now

* Note sure, maybe one interviewed by author rather? Only read, or nearly so, those three answers. Were disgusting enough with their dishonesty./HGL

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