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Mark Shea Asking For the Commenter he Blocked

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Mark Shea's Request:
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A reader has a question for somebody knowledgable in history
March 31, 2014 By Mark Shea
Quoting Letter from Reader:
I know “The Mission” isn’t depicting a particular set of priests, but the decision to throw the indigenous peoples under the bus after converting seemed to be a joint decision of the Catholic Hierarchy and corrupt Monarchs- what exactly was the role of Catholic Hierarchy in these Jesuit missions and decisions regarding their fate?
My answer:
If you recall the Marquis of Pombal, he was not the kind of guy to give Catholic Hierarchy much choice.

He and Madame Pompadour were active in forcing Jesuits out of:

  • Portugal with Colonies (highly relevant for Reductions run by Jesuits)
  • France with Colonies (relevant for Missionaries sent to Iroquois)
  • Protection of the Papacy even.
My problem with posting my answer:
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