dimanche 9 janvier 2011

Ayesha's marriage was brought up in a discussion.

par Hans-Georg Lundahl, dimanche 9 janvier 2011, 21:24

We were also looking at a video. It linked to another one.

Commenting on this video:

1a) puberty: extreme low level 9, extreme high level 18
mean age for puberty, 14 + a few months for boys, 12 + a few months for girls
(medical fact).

1b) physical brain development (ignored by that Muslim) setting out on largest brain size: 10-12 both sexes

so, a girl who has a puberty at age 9 does not have the same brain as she would have at age 12.

St Thomas Aquinas actually comments on this when debating that insufficient age is an impediment to marriage.

2) Juridics in "Britain" 1400 years ago: 12 for girls, 14 for boys, same as in Spain one hundred years ago or in Papal states up to Italy's takeover by invasion.

That is founded in Roman Law, in which the island known as Britannia, both British (Welsh, North Welsh) and English Kingdoms and Principalities partook.

But Arabia maybe did not partake in Roman Law as far down as where Mohammed was from.

3) Maturity? Not having been taught reasonably early how to change diapers does not make one a baby. Having a taste for making oneself look more childish than one is, does not make one a baby.

That Muslim is therefore a liar when he claims that modern westerners mature more slowly than any human creatures before them. He is lying about God's way of creating us, and that is a pretty big lie.

A man of 17 or 18 could be a military commander today. Would it mean war? Probably. But would it mean loosing the war? Not necessarily. Charles XII of Sweden became King at that age. Could he have waited being king while maturing?

Actually that was the law in Sweden, he should have started ruling at age 25, and the country should have been run by his tutors up to then.

That ALSO is founded in Roman Law. A man who inherits an estate was not considered mature enough to run it before he was 25. But by then he could already have been married for eleven years, he could already have children.

Charles XII had to run a country before he had time to marry. He never married. He was chaste but instead of loving sex he loved violence and instead of loving home he loved danger. Why did he rule at 18 despite the law? Because his father also had been orphaned too young to rule, and his tutors had abused his minority.

But Charles XII, King at 18, worked, as far as easy early victories were concerned.

4) He is however right to point out that pedophilia is not about marriage.

A girl married at fourteen in Sweden - of immigrant family to a man of his religion - was "taken care of" and forcefully put in an orphanage, her husband was jailed as a pedophile offender and exiled to Morocco.

I wrote a pamphlet to defend that marriage. 18 is not a natural limit for marriage, nor is it the traditional one in Europe.

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  1. GF: Hans, do you have a genius level IQ?

    No. I am a geek, I enjoy reading, I enjoy reading up on things that matter to me. This thing does: a) when I was 14 I was NOT too immature to make a commitment, I was pushed out of any possibility to do so b) when I was (nearly) 28 and a Swedish girl (nearly) 14 dito. First time by forcing my mother not to homeschool me but to send me to a school far away from those comrades, second time by psychiatry.

    So, some of my themes are homeschooling, young marriages, being against school compulsion, against psychiatry, against social services prodding in the affairs of other people's children.

    One more remark: St Thomas did not know the actual physical developments of the brain in the same way as modern doctors do. But they confirm the fact that a puberty at 12 is not mentally immature the way a premature puberty is.