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Neanderthal Pre- or Post-Flood? Me and Roger Pearlman ...

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Hans Georg Lundahl
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Roger Pearlman
Nice. Per RCCF framework, the Neanderthal associated with The ice age lived post Mabul global flood year, but may have shared features w/ pre-diluvial man.

Most of the cave formation was not prior to that 1656 anno mundi impacts year.year.

The ice ages ending about 1996 340 post Mabul impacts year that caused The ice age to set in,

Either way most born re 1996 anno mundi confusion of the languages so optimal design was for Hebrew and Aramaic.

reminds me how most were lactose intolerant pre Mabul as the vegetation more nutritious pre start of radiation build.

also we were bigger framed as matured slower, lived longer.. so wisdom teeth problems now are due to degraded atmosphere and devolution..

Hans Georg Lundahl
The reason why Neanderthal is pre-Flood is this.

Imagine you had a person with curly hair, brown skin, except palms, dark hair- and eye-colours, thick lips and broad, short nose.

Imagine that person had NO Black African Y-chromosome and NO Black African mitochondrial DNA.

What would that person be?

Well, a woman (who has no Y-chromosome at all) whose father was Black African and whose mother was NOT so, but for instance White European and who therefore had White European some type of mitochrondrial DNA would do.

Such a person is of course less typical than a person who is either purely White European or purely Black African.

In what situatio would such an untypical DNA setup be generalised?

In a bottleneck.

Now, the Ark was the most bottle-neck bottle-neck there was and we have in post-Flood world some Neanderthal alleles going around, but NO Neanderthal Y chromosomes and NO Neanderthal mitochondrial DNA.

Ergo, our Neanderthal alleles come via a daughter in law of Noah whose father was Neanderthal, but whose mother was as Cro-Magnon as Noah.

Roger Pearlman
That could be and the Neanderthal washed up in the caves, that were mostly non-existent till the mabul and Ice Ages that followed.

It could also be they are a breed /s of Grandchild/grandchildren of Noach . also many of their features may just be due to lower entropy rates during the mabul.

the joke is on those who claim we are 98% similar to apes but 4% similar to Neanderthal.

when we measure the 4% it is based on ____ it may be that is the average we share w/ other dead lines from grandchildren of Noach in relation to us. But those that dd not die out had more chances to mix back into our lines.

Hans Georg Lundahl
"That could be and the Neanderthal washed up in the caves, that were mostly non-existent till the mabul and Ice Ages that followed."

We don't know caves were non-extant previous to Flood.

Also, according to Josephus, there was a smaller Flood before Noah's Flood and it left the Mediterranean behind, so if caves are Flood products, they could be from the earlier Flood.

Or Noah could have gone around burying Neanderthals in caves ...

The problem with having Neanderthal's as dead lines after Noah is not just that the Y chromosome and mitochondria of El Sidrón are gone, don't exist anywhere, as said, but also that mainly all grandchildren of Noah left extant lines (these are not all the nations, but many nations later were founded by splitting off or by mixing)

Hans Georg Lundahl
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Roger Pearlman

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