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With TM, an Atheist Fanatic

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Status by TM:

My answer to this begins thread III.

Without God there would be no science.

Matter can neither be created nor destroyed! Scientic law!

Man invented your fairy story God which you cannot prove exists!

Who created your God? People that need God are dangerous!

"Matter can neither be created nor destroyed!"

Material objects and human souls are not capable of either creating or destroying matter in an observable way.

In fact, angels also cannot destroy or create matter.

"Scientic law!"

Deleting the active subject of who and what cannot do a a thing and using a passive as a lever against God is not a scientific formulation.

"Man invented your fairy story God which you cannot prove exists!"

Now you are trying to "scientifically" denigrate men into creating fairy stories and then believing them as history. Tell me if you ever meet a man who takes Lord of the Rings as history!

"Who created your God?"

There are perhaps things so caused as to cause nothing further (I don't know, something says probably not, except in same field of causation, where there are - like a bullet stopping in a tree trunk and pushing itself and matter in the way no further).

There are certainly things so caused as to also cause further (like a bullet when impacting causes displacement of whatever is in the way - hopefully not a human stomach full of liquids, I've seen a bullet through an empty tank and through a water filled one!)

At the other end of the spectrum there are causes not caused (like your finger causing a bullet to go off by pulling a trigger).

God being the ultimate one of these is per definition not created.

"People that need God are dangerous!"

Marxist clap trap, and Marxists are documentedly dangerous, sorry, that is an insult to dangerous, they are vicious.

Look up Wurmbrandt's Tortured for Christ to see what Marxists did in Romania, and stop equating Theists with Islamic State.

Man is dangerous & more so when they have a "God"

Man is dangerous, because Adam fell.

Having a false "God" - including yours, the absence of God - makes him more dangerous.

Islam is an abrahamic religion they beleive in talking snakes also all reigions need to be exterminated! Hence forth we will bring you terminators

All religions involve judgement & punishment they are all mind control

In other words, you equate Islamic State with all of Muslims and all of Muslims with all other Abrahamic religions.

Sounds like equating Jewish usurers and rapists with all of Jews (you know the rest of the story, I presume, your army helped end it in 1945).

There is not anything like a mind without any kind of judgement or punishment or influence by others, which could with a stretch be considered mind control.

You show some of these.

No your mind is controlled that is why you need a God & a government!

Sounds like yours is fanatic.

According to Christianity, I am both.

That is not damaging, it is balancing.

You cannot reason with religous people otherwise they won't be religious!

You mean Atheists can't reason with religious people over recruting them for atheism, right?

I am religious, and plenty of people have reasoned with me - over other subjects.

Also, atheists have actually modified my religious affiliation, when telling me my Protestant Bible is after all a gift from the Catholic Church. I set about a journey to conversion fairly promptly, even if delays made it last to c. 4 years later.

I think I owe you to notify you, this debate has been blogged, you have been anonymised:

[link here - the title involving Atheist Fanatic is visible in preview]

I can add that since you said "No your mind is controlled that is why you need a God", I reported this, without anonymising, to the mayor, Madame Hidalgo. As your being suspect of being part of an atheist harrassment, along with the Muslim one I earlier complained of.

I' not a fanatic you American Taliban are the fanatics I'm a scientist You'r American Empire is going to implode! Watch & see!

  • 1) I am not US American, I am Swedish, though I would not have minded being American either.

  • 2) Taliban is plural. It means students. Singular, a student, is taleeb. I am indeed a taleeb of Latin, Greek, German, Lithuanian, Polish and the cultural histories of Lithuania and of the three Baltic countries including Lithuania ... was that what you were referring to?

  • 3) "you X are the fanatics, I/we am/are scientist-s" is a very fanatic statement. I did not call you fanatic due to your beliefs, but due to how you deal with such believing what you don't - as seen in previous exchanges in this debate.

  • 4) "You'r American Empire is going to implode!"

    Possible. I am more into Holy Roman Empire, which you seem to like as well, there are so nice chalets there ... (yes, Switzerland is one of the successor states to it).

    As far as America is concerned, I am not anti-American, but I am worried for America.

    US did quite a few services to freedom during Reagan. If US go, so do a lot of free countries it has defended, some better than itself.

Also, I do have fond memories from there.

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You know, the kind of religion you are thinking of is actually what I call apostasy.

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