lundi 11 septembre 2017

I am NOT a National Socialist, But Some Take me For That

I have, for social justice reasons, sympathies for Fascism or Corporativism.

Meaning, Unions should have the power to impede Employers treating Employees like dirt, but not have the power to allow Employer to run his company within reasonable limits.

State and even non-parliamentarian state is sometimes required to step in.

Since I have Jewish roots as to my family, I am however a bit picky about which Fascism I go with.

I believe Jews are entitled to life, liberty and property, as long as not forfeiting these by acts of their own. This means a promotion of whatever was done to Jews in 1933 to 1945 by the Hitler régime against these just limits, whatever was not meant to stop unfair Jewish business practises and left at that, is out.

I am not a National Socialist, nor will I be so. I have other Fascisms I prefer, and as for Mussolini, I prefer him as to before 1938, I am not a Racialist. Carta della Razza was not a hit with me, unlike at least salient parts of Carta del Lavoro.

Alas, this A. O. shows that some Jews are unable to grasp these distinctions calmly./HGL

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