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Coffin Club as Mute as a Grave on my Question

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Hans-Georg Lundahl
Reformulating my previous question with examples of what kind of answers I was looking for.

Timothy Reid linked here:

Egyptians : Classic: Intact Old Kingdom Tomb

Now, the diagnostic Old Kingdom is not specific to what Pharao, but it can at least be identified as Old Kingdom. I am fully prepared to believe Egyptologists know that difference, just as myself I could tell a warrior from Vendel epoch from the plate armour in the time of St Joan of Arc. So, I am fully ready to accept this is "Old Kingdom".

Here is why this is interesting. Some Creationists have claimed that Exodus (1510 BC according to St Jerome / Roman Martyrology) ended Old Kingdom, others that Exodus was right before the Hyksos. Especially in the first perspective : when is the latest carbon date for anything identifiable as Old Kingdom?

Is there any carbon date for this one?

Yvonne Buskens added this album:

Photographs of some of our coffins and a 17th Dynasty/early 18th Dynasty cartonnage mummy mask

The picture displayed has this description:

"Rishi style mummy mask made of cartonnage.
"Early 18th Dynasty (about 1550 BC)
"Gift of Joseph Mayer (ex Joseph Sams collection)
"No. M11020."

To a Creationist and Bible believer in general, 1550 BC is a very interesting date : it is carbon date for Kenyon's dating of Garstang's City IV at Jericho excavations.

On the other hand, in Chronology of St Jerome (recited every Christmas in Latin Rite Catholic Liturgy, where it is still Catholic), Exodus is 1510 BC, which puts taking of Jericho in 1470 BC.

So, obvious question : was the mummy mask or attached mummy or coffin carbon dated? Or is it assigned "about 1550 BC" because it is "early 18th Dynasty"?

I am not doing the work of David Grohl, it is he and Damien McKey who are into how dynasties fold up into identical in the purely historical dating of Egyptian history. I am however also for other reasons very interested in the carbon dating aspect.

Someone else showed the mummy of Nefertiti - whom Damien McKey identifies with Queen Jezebel (yes, making Akhenaton = Ahab son of Omri). So, while I hope archaeologists were a bit too delicate to carbon date herself, is perhaps her coffin carbon dated?

Etc. THAT is the kind of answers I would have liked when I posed the question which led to a dispute which some would consider turned ugly:

[Link to previous post.]

Julie Morgan
Just a reminder to keep this post relevant to the group and to be respectful of others. Many thanks.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
I think my own initial contribution on both posts was good enough, so I thank for this reminder to others.

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