mercredi 22 février 2017

Appendix on Aether

1) Debating with Antonio Antranik on Aether · 1b) Appendix on Aether · 2) With Antonio Antranik on Scope of Biblical Inerrance and Patristic Collective Infallibility · 3) More on Biblical Inerrance - Featuring Apocalypse

Hans-Georg Lundahl
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Antonio Antranik, Alex Naszados, Stefan Schwarz

Antonio Antranik
Soooo, since you postulate the existence of "ether", tell me what this "ether" is composed of!

Heath Wilson
I think it is a state of water. It is a Planck particle superfluid. The Michelson/Morely, Michelson/Gale and Sagnac experiments prove its existence.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Antonio Antranik I don't think ether is composed, I think it is simple.

Between nucleus of one gold atom and nucleus of next gold atom, some posit "shells of electrons + void", I think the shells of electrons are states in the aether in which the nuclei also are.

If aether were composed of atoms, it would most certainly block anything as fine as light waves.

Here is by the way the next post of our debate:

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Heath Wilson, as you are already in this thread, I am glad you see the link already.

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