mardi 25 novembre 2014

Came to Defeat Modernism FB Page

Found a status linking to:

Papal Encyclicals : Pope St Pius X : PRAESTANTIA SCRIPTURAE


"Wherefore we find it necessary to declare and to expressly prescribe, and by this our act we do declare and decree that all are bound in conscience to submit to the decisions of the Biblical Commission relating to doctrine, which have b een given in the past and which shall be given in the future, in the same way as to the decrees of the Roman congregations approved by the Pontiff; nor can all those escape the note of disobedience or temerity, and consequently of grave sin, who in speech or writing contradict such decisions, and this besides the s candal they give and the other reasons for which they may be responsible before God for other temerities and errors which generally go with such contradictions."

Obedience to this decree in the part saying "and which shall be given in the future" obviously has a "best before" date. Possibly as early as 1943.
There is no expiration date to unchanging Truth.
"future decrees" does not equal unchanging truth, it equals disciplinary rule.
What is heretical is always heretical, period. St Pius X clearly states that modernism is the synthesis of ALL heresies and therfore logically is not a disciplinary rule but an eternal condemnation that has NO expiration date.
I agree modernism is ALWAYS heretical. I do not agree Bible commission is ALWAYS orthodox as the holy Pope counted on. Or do you consider the Bible experts of Bergoglio as obliging the Catholics in conscience also?

The Biblical commission was not instituted by Christ or the Twelve Apostles, but by a Pope recently before Pope Saint Pius X [or by himself at the latest]. Therefore it cannot be "de fide", it must be disciplinary.

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