vendredi 20 septembre 2013

Quoting Professor Hingest on the Oxford C. S. Lewis Society

“There are no sciences like Sociology. And if I found chemistry beginning to fit in with a secret police run by a middle-aged virago who doesn’t wear corsets and a scheme for taking away his farm and his shop and his children from every Englishman, I’d let chemistry go to the devil and take up gardening again. ... I happen to believe that you can’t study men; you can only get to know them, which is quite a different thing. Because you study them, you want to .... take away from them everything which makes life worth living and not only from them but from everyone except a parcel of prigs and professors.”

-- Professor Hingest (fictional character from "That Hideous Strength" by C. S. Lewis.)
St H
I love that quote, and Bill Hingest. The context in which he says 'There are no sciences like sociology.' is a reply to the poser Mark Studdock who began saying 'With a science like sociology...' Fantastic put down and so true. Sociology is basically a whitewashed form of applied Marxism.

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