lundi 8 avril 2013

Punkophobiac? Not me!

Three punk titles:

- Dirty old Town - clearly not satanic;

- Run Runaway - not clearly satanic at least but probably nonsense lines and trobar clus without satanic intent;

- Anarchy in the UK - two lines that are clearly at least immoral and possibly satanic. The first and the last.

Two lines of punk in three major punk titles that are possibly satanic, and the rest of one song possibly not satanic and the other two songs not satanic.

Not very satanic, if you ask me. It is not exactly like ACDC or Rolling Stones. It is not like "Jumping Jack Flash" by Rolling Stones or like "Building a Highway to Hell" by ACDC. Possibly because RS and much of Metal is the Nikabrik version of a discontent dwarf and punk is more like the Trumpkin version thereof. Prosy. But not ready to dirty itself with esoteric stuff./HGL

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