samedi 20 avril 2013

I messaged the Governor of South Carolina on Thursday, as yet no answer

Mayday, is Autumn Lauber in freedom*?

She is seventeen, so, under your law, she could marry.

I have proposed to her.

Now, it is three weeks since she posted any video and she has neither answered my recent comments under extant ones, nor answered my mail on FB between my profile and hers.

Considering she is with possibly some realism considered an exhibitionistic personality, three weeks without any news on internet from her seems a lot.

Once her comments included one from the youtube user stiimuli - I got an answer which suggested that might have been an alternative youtube account, but I have recently come to doubt that.

Can you please check so she has not been locked up by idiotic shrinks for, say, getting mad at me, or changing her mind in my favour or in favour of Catholic religion or of any etc., you see what I mean. Some adults are a bit over protective with their daughters, and I would prefer a video from her in which she called me all names in the Oxford Dictionary of Dirty Words for proposing to her (some seem to have an issue with 44 year old men proposing to 17 year old girls, if that is her case, I'll have to accept that) than going on suspecting with terror she has been basically kidnapped with the legal blessing of police force and doctors and .... *sigh* over protective parents. I'd even prefer her suing me!

Yours truly,
Hans-Georg Lundahl

(adress as above)**

*I meant in liberty, of course.

**I had given it on the contact form.

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