mercredi 2 juin 2010

Debate on communism (posted on day before and day of St Justin Martyr, A. D. 2010)

FB fr: What inspires your respect?

several different takers ...

me: Giving commies and other atheists a good argument.

FB fr: Hans, you often make it clear what you are against--but what are you for? Those who navigate primarily by what they don't want get bounced around like a pinball in a pinball-machine--they have no course to steer by, but instead let this or that repulse them and scatter them all over--that makes for a hard life. And, like the pinball, they become readily steered by others who knock them about by their fears and revulsions.

me: My dear ... : I abhor communists because communism is so much like the pinball-machine.

And because once they have heard you are against them, they refuse to let you be for anything. Goes pretty much for Freemasons and the like too.

I did actually not only make it clear I was against them, or I did not even make that clear. I made it clear I was for something else, that something being giving them a good argument.

"Karl Marx was a talented Jew, who understood the problem of Capitalism" ... not quite true, as Lyndon LaRouche observes he underestimated usury ... "but not the solution to it."

That was a good argument, it was stated by José Antonio Primo de Rivera.

Understanding the solution involves Rerum Novarum (Leo XIII) and Quadragesimo Anno (Pius XI) which Dollfuss and Schuschnigg were pretty much for.

And I am for them. [it] seems St Michael owns my respect too ...

Ch. D. : Karl Marx felt that the best society was one that worked as a whole so as to share and share alike. Yet he never did a hard days work in his life and had a wife with 6 kids that he refused to support financially. 2 of his kids died in infancy due to hunger and 2 committed suicide.

What money he did manage to get his hands on (at the expense of someone else) he spent on liquor and cigarettes.

me: May have something to do with demonic interference, but his ideas about society are at odds with human nature.

That "best society" existed and still exists, it is called family. Destroying family in order to remake state and city, market and public services according to the model given by family is so clearly wrong.

Monasteries do work after family model, but there it is voluntarily [as for adult members], same can be said for kibbutzes - or could be said for them, earlier on [I've read news they are being privatised] - and some hippie camps.

FB fr: And of course the communal living described in "Acts of the Apostles" also comes to mind. Sharing is beautiful, when it comes of free will and has the support of faith beyond the material. Communism reminds me of what Tolkien said about Gandalf, if he had taken the Ring: that he would ultimately become worse than Sauron, because eventually he would succumb to the temptation to use it to force people to be good, thereby making evil the last bastion of freedom.

And we, for our part in the USA, have suffered some of that reaction. By resisting Communism for so many years, we have come to mistrust sharing, when we used to be famously generous. We have come to define ourselves as capitolists, rather than as innovaters and defenders of freedom. We have come to make a virtue of greed, and to place mammon above God. This is another reason I find it dangerous to emphasize too much of what you're against rather than what you are for. By defining ourselves as not-Communist, we lost a great deal of what we used to be for.

me: true

Acts of Apostles describing Church of Jerusalem (not every other Church around it) is of course model of coenobite monastic living

but communists as "Gandalf taking the ring" would be about better ones - there is something far worse to it

hold it about US

you and some other people I know are clearly not Cheney or Bush (or Clinton either)

FB fr: Well that's part of becoming worse than Sauron. Once you start forcing people to do what you believe is good, your own concept of good becomes increasingly warped, and eventually downright evil, because you have cut out the very root of goodness, which is love (God is Love.) To deprive others of free will--or of freedom--is to have no love for them, to regard them as things to manipulate, not souls with rights.

me: true

There are people who became communists for getting revenge. That is what I mean about being worse than "Gandalf taking the ring" ... sigh

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