vendredi 30 avril 2010

I have written some lot on Facebook, beside my blogs

... so I was thinking about reposting some here for people who are not my Facebook friends (on either of two accounts) but who might want to read it still.

I just logged in to my one account from which I had posted on wall of other where yesterday I had posted a quote from John Wesley I disliked and had started commenting on.

Right now (April 30 YooL 2010, 10:47 Paris time) that other account is :

Profile Unavailable

Sorry, this profile is not available at the moment. Please try again shortly.

Sincerely hope it will have been fixed soon after I write this.

I find the coincidence a bit curious, as if some people disliked what I was writing and wanted to "give me an option" (as they might hypocritically word it) to think it over once or twice again before continuing to write on it.

That other account is my second, the reason I opened it was told in French on this blogpost on my main blog: Vols (ou semblables) en temps de Noël.

Curious that someone would want to "close down" the FB account or make it unaccessible for someone else?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Mairie III, Paris

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