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What is the Pastoral Outlook of Pope Michael?

Have a look at Francis Dominic.

I will not hand you his facebook page for now, but here are first some of his credentials and then three of his memes followed by some dialogue. With a somewhat grumpy myself.

Studies :
Pastoral Theology at Hyles-Anderson College

Studies :
Theology and Missiology at Tennessee Temple University

Statement :
I am a Catholic plain and simple. Love the Bible, Trent Catechism, and the Fathers of the Church.

His statement is very good as such, but his studies in pastoral theology took place at a non-Catholic institution.

Of course, if Pope Michael is Pope, he can validate those, precisely as he can validate studies at a theological or pastoral institution of the Vatican II Antichurch.

Nevertheless, one starts sometimes to wonder if the pastoral at Vatican in Exile is a truly Catholic one.

Francis Dominic
God's grace is seen more through our trials than through our triumphs.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Do not ask too much grace with trials for some singled out, please!

Francis Dominic
???? again, as in other statements you make I am not understanding what this has to do with the quote I give.

[The word "again" probably refers to his seeing the comment under meme II first.]

Hans Georg Lundahl
I think this is a quote from St Francis of Sales.

God certainly knows when and how much He can let you struggle, and you struggle on and God is content with that.

But if certain men try to pastor someone on the supposition he needs some roughage, needs some struggle etc. either God should not hear that, or if He does, it can be to punish the man for having such pastors or to punish them for being bad pastors, since such things can push a man beyond struggling for God's glory and own salvation.

A comparison : God could make a deal with Satan and say "yes, I allow you to torture Job exactly SO much", and God could do it, because He knew Job inside out. But if Church of God makes a similar deal with Synagogue of Satan (or Church of Satan, now that exists), the Church may be meddling with things beyond her ken, since Church men are not God and do not know souls inside out.

In other words, the quote is a nice encouragement as long as not taken as a substitute for actions which would alleviate a bad situation.

Francis Dominic
When God will not change your circumstances, you may ought to assume he is trying to change you.

Hans Georg Lundahl
UNLESS I have a reason to believe certain people are willing to keep me in circumstances by intrigues so as to force on me what they think I should change.

Francis Dominic
Hans-Georg Lundahl I do not understand what your saying has to do with the quote I posted.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Quote from whom?

For instance, is there a Church Father or a Church Doctor you quoted? The other quote seems like St Francis of Sales, somewhere in Introduction to the Devout Life.

But this one, I do not know.

There ARE circumstances in which men conspire about someone's welfare and God allows it for a time.

Obviously, if a certain misfortune is SIMPLY sent by God and no one else, I can take it as one type of lesson from God, like changing sth.

But if a misfortune is sent by certain men conspiring and God sends in the sense of ALLOWING it for a time, perhaps God is rather expecting me to endure.

Francis Dominic
Hans-Georg Lundahl It is my quote in keeping within the guidelines of Church Teaching.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Possible, but you have not stated from whom.

Francis Dominic
Satan loves to discourage God's people and he especially enjoys using God's people to discourage other of God's people.

Hans Georg Lundahl
I think a certain series of links were deleted?

[I had previously written I felt discouraged by non-printing of my booklet Can we Reasonably Trust the Gospels? - YES! to which I gave links.]

The same booklet I linked to was sent to Pope Michael - did he find anything heretical in it?

[No response - and the missive was posted months ago AND backed up by mails both on FB and on my mail account. Hah, now he did respond:]

Francis Dominic
Honestly he has not had a chance to read them. He has other pressing matters including some things for the press that is ahead of your booklet. He has not forgotten about it.

Hans Georg Lundahl
Ah, good.

Thank you!

However, it is unreasonable that a writer should remain poor while unpublished because the proper persons for nihil obstat, imprimi potest and imprimatur lack the time to see it through.

Does this mean I am dispensed from the usual duty of previous submission?

Here are the links I had posted
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July 11, 2016 ~ antimodernista

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