vendredi 29 avril 2016

On Demonising Pro-Lifers (even Compromising Such)

John Médaille via The Raw Story
I don't often side with the Satanists, but even the devil has limits.

The Raw Story : Satanists are furious that Boehner compared Ted Cruz to the Dark Lord
Bethania Palma Markus, 28 Apr 2016 at 13:40 ET

Hans-Georg Lundahl
What exactly is your problem with Ted Cruz?

Unlike Bernie Sanders, he seems to have some indignation about Abortion:

OnTheIssues : Ted Cruz on Abortion

OnTheIssues : Bernie Sanders on Abortion

If Satanists should take umbrage at any comparison, it would rather be that of BS ? Oh, wait, they share his positions on the issue, they would take it as a compliment!

John Médaille
Yes, it's all about abortion.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Making the poor somewhat richer can be done by private means, it is called giving alms. Banning abortion or at least some of them, well, that is less easy with private means.

Also, as he is pro contraception, he is economically undermining the social democracy he is proposing.

Sweden has had contraceptives for so long, and they have been pushed further, due to strong feminism, and 2003 a Social Democratic Prime Minister announced Old Age Pensions would be privatised.

The private funds for Sweden's old age pensions will also fail, due to low birthrate, but that way it won't be the state that fails.

And when certain immigrants having a higher brithrate take over, I don't see them being so stupid as to support a system which did the Swedes out of their country.

So, BS is BS.

Note, I have been labelled as a "Nazi"* by some simply for observing this!

* National Socialists, of which I am not, reject the label.

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