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Bergoglio misuses "Fundamentalism" too ....

1) New blog on the kid : Bergoglio Shows He Doesn't Get Christianity ... or Gnosticism, 2) HGL's F.B. writings : Bergoglio NOT Getting Gnosticism, Discussion on FB, 3) Ruari McCallion Tries to Make Allowances for my English, 4) Bergoglio misuses "Fundamentalism" too ....

1) HGL's F.B. writings : Fundamentalism Attacked as Pharisaism - by a Methodist Pharisee, 2) Bergoglio misuses "Fundamentalism" too ....

Paddy McCafferty
Our Holy Father the Pope has correctly identified the disorder of fundamentalism as a dysfunctional form of religiosity: those of a rigid and rigorist attitude, obsessed with the letter of the Law, making no provision for the spirit of the Law. Fundamentalism is often a psychological issue of radical insecurity, underpinned by scrupulosity. It gets projected onto others as an overtly harsh and unbending type of religiosity. It is judgemental. It is devoid of mercy. It ties up heavy burdens and lays them on peoples' shoulders, without lifting a finger to lift them. It is the hostile and stubborn sulking rage of the elder brother in Our Lord's Parable of the Prodigal Son. In its most extreme form, it becomes unfettered self-righteousness that believes it has God's approval for its every action - even to the extent of murder and slaughter. And yes - the Holy Father is spot on. We certainly do have our "Catholic" version of the malaise of fundamentalism.

[Picture of a High Priest among those accusing Jesus.]

Hans-Georg Lundahl
You prefer the Bergoglio fan club to the Catholic Church, don't you?

Furthermore, Fundamentalism is usually more a question of belief and of eschatology than of law observation.

Furthermore, the Pharisees of the Gospel were not so very obviously rigorists. One could argue that they were pragmatics. That for instance the "corban" reference was a pilpul to allow sons their age to refuse their fathers the occasion of giving a gift to Jesus, on the real (but erroneous) understanding that said fathers were mentally disabled by age.

Furthermore, the so called "holy father" has not shown over great talent in using words about theological beliefs in the past either, PLUS he has already shown a hatred of Fundies, very early on.

Perhaps a take over from his liberal Anglican former friend, erroneously given the burial of a Catholic Bishop - or perhaps his conflicts with the other, presumable, Antipope from Buenos Aires, Alejendro Greijo, styling himself Alejandro IX, who on top of being a Fundie (which I appreciate him for) is also a Feeneyite, has in his "icr" dogmatised Feeneyism and canonised Leonard Feeney.

But even Alejandro IX is preferrable to the man who in Buenos Aires allowed Rotary and Jewry to count him as a very official friend, not just to persons among them, but to the sects themselves.

Ruari McCallion
"Bergoglio fan club" is pushing the envelope somewhat, Hans-Georg. A bit of courtesy towards the vast majority of Catholics would be in order.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
(Impossible de publier ce commentaire.)
Rick DeLano is accepting Bergoglio as Pope (or was last time I checked, unless he is considering Ratzinger's abdication invalid). But he is not acting like Bergoglio's fan club. You are.

Supposing we were dealing with Alexander VI. Would it have been appropriate to praise him for naming his son Cesare as a bishop, when it was nepotism and also against the wish of Cesare to be bishop?

[Cesare, like myself, wanted a layman's life, obviously.]

Hans-Georg Lundahl (continued from my first):
On Bergoglio's misuse of other theological terminology:

New blog on the kid : Bergoglio Shows He Doesn't Get Christianity ... or Gnosticism

Paddy McCafferty
Hans-Georg Lundahl your hatred for the Holy Father is an affront to every faithful Catholic. I am not even going to engage with your disgusting rubbish.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Ask Pope Michael if I hate him.

Or if I hate Ratzinger, whom once I thought to be Pope.

I do certainly not hate the Papacy, nor all modern misclaimants who are misrunning the Vatican.

If anything is disgusting rubbish, it is your sectarian adhesion to any and every burp that comes from Bergoglios bad digestion - metaphorically speaking, since it is a bad digestion of what would otherwise perhaps have been theological knowledge.

(continuing posting links about Bergoglios previous terminological débâcle)
HGL's F.B. writings : Bergoglio NOT Getting Gnosticism, Discussion on FB

HGL's F.B. writings : Ruari McCallion Tries to Make Allowances for my English

Ruari McCallion
I think we saw this stuff a wee while ago.

Have you got nothing new to offer, Hans-Georg?

Hans-Georg Lundahl
It is not new to you, but might be so to Paddy McCafferty.

Paddy McCafferty
Hans-Georg Lundahl there is nothing new in your ideological meanderings and they certainly wasted on me..

Hans-Georg Lundahl
There is nothing meandering about my ideology, if you wish to call it such. Only meandering has been about whom I accept as successor of St Peter.

That they are wasted on you was perhaps foreseeable by you, but not by me, I think it is, if not the first time we meet, at least the other time was just once and a long time ago.

Paddy McCafferty
Hans-Georg Lundahl you have no choice about who you accept as the successor of Peter if you wish to be a Catholic. If you do not accept our Holy Father Pope Francis as the successor of Peter and the Vicar of Christ then you are not a Catholic. Period. Goodbye.

The state of the catholic church is the very opposite to what this post is saying. Where are the catholics that are described there - you would have to travel far and wide to find one or are you referring to those who attend daily mass. These FUNDEMENTAL catholics are big charity givers and have converted the world. Yes true catholics.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Paddy McCafferty, that is your outlook.

St Vincent Ferrer was NOT agreeing, he considered it schismatic to deny importance, but considered those accepting wrong Pope as Catholics, though deluded such.

We are again living in times when there is more than one option.

Just another blogging self publicist.émoticône wink

Hans-Georg Lundahl
What blogger is not a self publicist?

What is "just" about one such attacking Bergoglio? Especially if the attacks are just?

Father Paddy, i couldn't agree more. Some people need to get off their high horse and stop judging all the time. As you show mercy mercy will be given. relax God's got it covered. Be gentle with others.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
"Some people need to get off their high horse and stop judging all the time."

What exactly has that got to do with Fundamentalism?

Who says Kent Hovind is more judgemental than other Baptists? Or that Jonathan Sarfati is more judgemental than other Jewish Calvinists or Baptists? And why would Rick DeLano be considered more judgemental than other Catholics (of those who accept Bergoglio)?

Fundie means inerrantist, it is a requirement of the council of Trent, and it does not mean judgemental or Pharisaic.

Among Christ-rejecting Jewry, the best candidate for Fundie label are Chassidic Jews, they are NOT Talmudic and it is Talmudism which is Puritan, judgemental, and heir to Pharisees.

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