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Some of these men deserve death

1) HGL's F.B. writings : Some of these men deserve death, 2) New blog on the kid : Reviewing CMI's Review of a Book on Nazism and Darwinism, 3) I am shocked by the evil of the Lithuanian Minister of Health.

[own status, including also this link, which shows us the men I am talking about:]

2014 July 10 Breaking News Labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA Trans-humanism Last days news

[Waited till next day, above was from 18:00 yesterday, whatever time setting I have on that FB account, the following are my supplementary comments from today:]

None of them died while I was sleeping and waiting for reactions?

Well, then some of them might get a few annoying refutations of their evil arguments.


This guy who said "I am going to be a god, I am not asking you to become one, just don't stop me from becoming one!" - When he said it, he was speaking (except for the very foul purpose he defended) like a human annoyed at other humans.

If ever he becomes an immortal, how can those respecting, humanly, his wish, every be sure he will still be speaking like a human rather than as a haughty titan then?

What they seem to be doing even now is titanic.


But some other guys seem to be criminal: : Wife of Leading Pro-Life Activist Suddenly Missing Without a Trace
by Steven Ertelt | Jefferson City, MO | | 7/10/14 3:22 PM

Seem to be, we do not know yet.

When it comes to her - we know they are when it comes to human not yet borns.

So, I have presumably not killed anyone of the guys with my comments, but someone on their side seems to be targetting pro-lifers that are peaceful.

Getting back to refutations.


This other guy (or was it the same guy?*) claimed if someone's child was the only normal one in the class and all the others genetically manipulated, to excel, the normal guy would hate his parents for neglecting to give him that advantage too.

The answer to that one is: this incompetent tinkerer with God's own business is "daring" enough to redefine humanity. But he is a complete coward or just completely hypnotised when it comes to redefining school system in favour of homeschooling. Or in favour of unschooling.

Some people find it so easy to dare god about the ten commandments, but they wouldn't dare trying to interfere with the most modern school boards. OK, they just MIGHT interfere with a schoolboard they thought unduly favourable to Creationism. But not with a modern typical one.

One can imagine a Disney villain. "I will bomb all the capitals in the world until they give me all power!" Oh, what a daring type. His wife comes around. "Your collar is not folded properly" and he goes shaking down on his knees "so o o o o sorreee, please don't kill me!"

That is about the disproportion I see in the guy from the video who was pretending to pity the normal guy in a class with genetically modified IQ 300.

The NORMAL reaction to such a situation would be not putting them in the same classroom in the first place.


Or this commercial for transhumanism, with its image of a ship. And its quasi heroisation or divinisation of historic periods like the Renaissance or the Scientific Revolution and the claim we are again in such a period. Well, for one thing that guy sucks sorely at history.

* The video was traumatising, and I have slept since seing it, and am not seeing it again now, and possibly not later either.

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