vendredi 23 novembre 2012

Paternal Protectionism or Necessity for Celebs?

I saw this thing about the given names of children to Hollywood stars. And yes, Bruce Willis happens to be one original namegiver (as you might notice unless you already know that), but on top of that his oldest three daughters seem a wee bit overprotected. I found their names, obviously, in the photo series with comments about original name givers.

Oh, all of them are on FB in some way, but ...

Rumer Glenn can neither be added nor messaged.

Tallulah Bell can, but obviously because she is already in couple.

And, Scout Larue has no personal profile that can be added or messaged, just a fan page that can be liked. Now, she is of course an artist in her own right. If I can get across a video with her, and find her singing decent, I might very well like her fan page.

Now, in this particular case, very obviously, one can agree that they are in a special position due to being daughters of a celebrity with - that other celebrity called Demi Moore. And some US people tend to exaggerate the dangerosity of the normal stalker. Not people with kidnapping motives or totally unpredictable exaggerated switch-on-and-off-agressivity to people they previously liked, but just stalkers. And I suppose they might have had their share of them.

But when ordinary parishioners treat their daughters or sisters like that, as was and still maybe is the case with St Nicolas du Chardonnet parishioners when it comes at least to me, I wonder if paternal protectionism is not getting a bit Islamising, destructive of Christian liberties.

Hans-Georg Lundahl
Audoux Library, Paris
St Clement, Pope, Martyr

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