mercredi 26 octobre 2011

Over 500 views, excluding mere index pages:

Most read of my blog posts, only those over 500 readers
par Hans-Georg Lundahl, samedi 15 octobre 2011, 19:41

paidophilos? ego? - 1094
Sects, Historical Critical Method, Post-Confessional Christianity - 822
Sonata Nemetodurica - 608
... - 555
Aus Chromosome/Wiki/de (Koredaktion) - 507

I have excluded mere index pages./HGL


Hans-Georg Lundahl do click links ...

Hans-Georg Lundahl Oh, I forgot one French message as I was considering it mainly as index page, but there is also text on it:

Hans-Georg Lundahl deretour: Oui, oui, non, non

Hans-Georg Lundahl The text on the page itself is in French ...

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