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A Week in London (12 - 19 sept 1665) - of interest in Medical History

par Hans-Georg Lundahl, lundi 21 mars 2011, 20:57

Of 8297 buried, 7165 of plague.

309 of feaver, 134 of consumptioon, 121 of teeth (bad teeth gone too long to cure by extraction?), 101 of spotted feaver.

64 of convulsion, 51 of griping in the guts, 49 of surfeit, 43 as aged, 42 in childbed, 33 of dropsie, 18 of chrisomes.

17 each of rickets and as stillborn.

16 as infants, 15 of wormes.

11 each imposthume, rising of lights (accident?), tiffick.

9 stopping in the stomach.

5 each abortive, flox and smallpox, jaundies, scowring and thrush.

3 each frighted, of grief, vomiting and of winde.

2 each of ague, bleeding, cough, kingsevil, scurvy and stone.

1 each apoplexie, burnt in his bed by a candle at St Giles, Canker, Gowt, Killed by a fall from the Belfrey at Alhallowes the Great, Lethargy, Palsie, Spleen, Strangury, Suddenly, Timpany.

For the rest, if I jave counted not correctly, no medical or accidental reason is given.

Christned: Males 95, Females 81, In All 176.

Buried: Males 4095, Females 4202, In All 8297.

Plague: 7165.

Increased in the Burials this Week: 607.

Parishes Clear of the Plague: 4

Parishes Infected: 126.

The Aßizes of Bread set forth by order of the Lord Maior and Court of Aldermen:

A penny Wheaten Loaf to contain Nine Ounces and a half, and three Half-Penny White Loaves the Like Weight.

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